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very worth!

by bleeding star

I stop playing the big stone games because they took me too much time and a lot of device requirements to catch up with new updates. Instead those indie games like this gemstone miner become very exciting to me. It earns me new experience while remains fun, challenging and addicted compared to those I have played. Indeed, I love this half puzzle half arcade type game, built with very nice graphic and sound effects – the game idea & implementation is not fancy yet interesting enough to keep me engaged in trying to clear the levels. It’s a worth playing game.

antastic game, great value

by sukhoi_263

I just got this game last night thinking it would amuse me only slightly then it would get deleted and turn into a regrettable try. And man I was wrong. this game brought me back to my childhood games. It rocks now. the game maker wisely chose to keep things simple but it turned out very addictive and enjoyable. Yeah, cool game with clear objectives! the in-app purchase super dynamic make it more interesting to advance. Love playing it now

So great!

by pandamuzk

I gave to my son my iPad first generation. However there are just too few games that are actually compatible with it now, and that decent games are even rarer. This game is just perfect, it run flawlessly in all iPad models including the ipad1, and is a very decent game for kids. In fact, I see my boy playing it all the time so I joined him to play a few stages … and now get absorbed. It’s one of my favorite games now.

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