gemstone miner

Gemstone miner is a combination puzzle arcade game.

Search each mine for the green gem to unlock the next level. Use dynamite and super dynamite to clear your path. Move your mining cart to collect blue, purple, gold and diamond gems for points. Red gems will give you points and increase your dynamite or super dynamite count.

Your mine cart will be destroyed if it collides with boulders, spike traps or the pit!



Sheldon the Hermit Crab needs your help getting home. Drag Sheldon around to navigate various levels of increasing difficulty. Getting to each levels portal will not be easy. There will be things blocking Sheldon’s path. Drag your tools to cut seaweed, smash rocks, dig out sea urchins and remove star fish.

Along the way protect your little crab buddies and learn to use your shells to help clear the way.

Character artwork by Mark Laubenthal

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